State Attorney Andrew A, Bain Ninth Judicial Circuit
State Attorney Andrew A, Bain Ninth Judicial Circuit

Attorneys & Law Enforcement

Electronic Service of Documents

All electronic service of court documents should be sent to the appropriate division email address for the case:

Orange County:

Email service must be completed in compliance with Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.516.

  • The email subject line must contain “SERVICE OF COURT DOCUMENT” in all capital letters followed by the case number (the case number should use the Uniform Case Number format as used by each county eg. 48-2018-CF-999999-A-O for Orange County and 49-2013-CF-999999 for Osceola County).
  • The body of the email must include: The court in which the proceeding is pending, the case number, the name of each party, the title of each document served, and the sender’s name and telephone number.
  • Documents attached must be in PDF format.
  • The email and attachments cannot exceed 5 megabytes in size.

Viewing Evidence

The State Attorney’s Office does not maintain an evidence room. Attorneys wishing to view evidence on a case must contact the law enforcement agency that gathered the evidence.

PreTrial Diversion

PreTrial Diversion (PTD) is a deferred prosecution program for selected misdemeanor and misdemeanor DUI offenders. Attorneys cannot make a referral to PTD. The Office of the State Attorney is the only office that can refer someone for the program.

Florida Statutes created a cooperative effort between the State Attorney’s Office and selected agencies to divert appropriate first-time offenders to these programs. Participants within the program sign a contract with the State of Florida that waives their right to a speedy trial. The participant also agrees to follow the program requirements and perform specific sanctions. Participants are normally supervised six months to 12 months depending upon the offense. If the participant is successful and completes the program, along with listed sanctions, the State agrees to drop the participant’s criminal charges in that specific case. This enables the participant to avoid a conviction and ultimately a criminal record.

See PreTrial Diversion FAQs for more information from Orange County Corrections Department.

For other programs, see our Diversion Programs page.

For Law Enforcement

Parking is available for Marked Units in the Cop Lot located behind the courthouse. Contact your agency head for the entry code. If driving an unmarked car to court, place a card with a mobile number to prevent being towed from the lot.