State Attorney Andrew A, Bain Ninth Judicial Circuit
State Attorney Andrew A, Bain Ninth Judicial Circuit

Consumer Protection

The State Attorney, in conjunction with the Orange County Consumer Protection Office, wants to educate the public on consumer issues. No consumer protection program can be effective without an alert, well-informed consumer public. We ask that you assist us in protecting you by increasing your alertness as consumers and by reporting fraudulent consumer transactions to your Consumer Protection Office.

* The Consumer Protection Office operates only in Orange County, but all educational material and tips are good for most Central Florida locations.

The Consumer Protection Office provides three basic services:

Consumer Complaint Investigation and Dispute Mediation

To ensure efficient complaint handling, consumers are required to file their complaints in writing. A complaint can be filed by requesting the form by mail, phone, email or by clicking on the link below.

Consumer Complaint Form

  • By email:
  • By phone: 407.836.2490
  • By mail: Please send your request to:

Orange County Consumer Fraud Unit
415 N. Orange Avenue
P.O. Box 1673  Orlando, FL 32801

Consumer Protection Law Enforcement
The State Attorney prosecutes criminal violations of Florida consumer protection statutes.

Consumer Education
You can educate yourself on scams and solicitations by reviewing the consumer information website for educational materials. Consumers must be aware of their rights and obligations in the marketplace. They must constantly be alert to the various schemes aimed at defrauding them. The majority of Orange County business operators are honest, hard-working professionals, sincerely interested in keeping their customers happy. There is, however, a small but very active minority of business people who are not the least bit interested in customer satisfaction and who resort to fraudulent, unfair or deceptive practices to maximize their profits. The Central Florida is also a favorite target of fly-by-night swindlers and itinerants who often pass through leaving a trail of unhappy victims before local law enforcement agencies are even aware of their presence.

Resolving Complaints

To resolve a complaint, first try to talk with the manager or owner of the business. Go back to the location that you’ve done business with. Many businesses are eager to solve complaints and keep customers happy. Personally contact the manager, owner, or main office in an attempt to resolve the issue.

If that doesn’t work, you may fill out a complaint form. Upon receipt of your complaint, it will be assigned to an investigator for review and mediation. If warranted, your complaint may be referred to the State Attorney’s Office for criminal prosecution on your behalf.

Our office may not be able to mediate all types of consumer complaints. In this case, we will make a prompt referral to the correct agency.

While we do not provide specific information regarding the history of a business, our closed files are public records and you may come in and review these records to reach your own conclusion regarding a company’s complaint history.

Common Scams

  • Advance Fee Solicitations
  • Home improvement Schemes
  • Internet Sales
  • Motor Vehicles Sales and Repairs
  • Telephone solicitations

For complaint forms and consumer resources, visit the Consumer Protection page or call us at 407 836-2490.

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