State Attorney Andrew A, Bain Ninth Judicial Circuit
State Attorney Andrew A, Bain Ninth Judicial Circuit

Rights of a Crime Victim

The Florida Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights states that victims of crime or their lawful representatives, including the next of kin of homicide victims, are entitled to the right to be informed, to be present, and to be heard when relevant, at all crucial stages of criminal proceedings. These rights cannot interfere with the constitutional rights of the accused and include:

  • Notification of the arrest, release or escape of the accused, if possible
  • Advance notice of all court proceedings, if time permits
  • Information on steps concerning freedom from intimidation
  • Notification of scheduling changes
  • Opportunity to have a victim advocate present during depositions
  • Assistance in obtaining the return of recovered property
  • A prompt and timely disposition of the case
  • Prompt notification of the results of court proceedings
  • To be informed, present and heard, when relevant, at all criminal proceedings
  • Assistance in obtaining a Crime Victim Compensation, restitution and other service to which you may be entitled
  • Upon request, notification to your employer and/or school when you must appear in court
  • Opportunity to submit an oral or written impact statement at the time of sentencing



Article 1, Section 16, Florida Constitution
Rights of Victims (“Marsy’s Law”)

For more information about your rights under Marsy’s Law, please contact your assigned Assistant State Attorney. If you have questions about a closed case, please contact Director of Victim Services, Erin McCaulley at

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