State Attorney Andrew A, Bain Ninth Judicial Circuit
State Attorney Andrew A, Bain Ninth Judicial Circuit

State Attorney Office’s Expanded Animal Task Force Serves as a Force Multiplier of Justice

(MARION COUNTY, Fla.) In a landmark collaboration aimed at combating animal cruelty and enhancing animal welfare, the Fifth Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office announces the Ninth Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office is joining its Animal Cruelty Task Force. This strategic alliance represents a significant step forward in ensuring the protection and advocacy of animals within our communities.

State Attorney Bain Establishes Violent Crimes Unit

NINTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, Fla. – State Attorney Andrew Bain announced today the creation of a Violent Crimes Unit at the State Attorney’s Office in the Ninth Judicial Circuit. State Attorney Bain recognizes the ongoing need for targeted efforts to combat violent crime and gun crime in Orange and Osceola counties.

Repeat Offender Gets Nearly a Year in Jail for DUI

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – An Orange County jury convicted a repeat DUI offender after his latest Driving Under the Influence charge resulted in injuries to two kids in a crash at an Orange County gas station.

Man Found Guilty of Delaney Park Murder

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – An Orange County jury convicted an Orlando man, William Franklin, 36, of First Degree Murder after he stabbed an Orange County attorney to death in her Delaney Park home in 2020.

Irresponsible Pet Owner Sentenced to Prison

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – An Osceola County jury found a St. Cloud man, David Rhum, 35, guilty of Aggravated Animal Cruelty after he failed to seek proper medical care for a dog in his care for severe injuries it received that led to its death.

Man Found Guilty of Stabbing Girlfriend

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – An Orange County jury found an Ocoee man guilty after he stabbed his girlfriend in March 2021. Lam Tran, 50, was found guilty of Attempted First Degree Murder and Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon.

Tran and his then-girlfriend Sen Thi Ho, 61, shared a residence when the incident occurred. Ms. Ho caught Tran stealing money from her and after a month of sleeping in separate bedrooms, she confronted him and asked him to leave. On March 21, 2021, after telling Tran to leave, Ms. Ho walked away when Tran approached her from behind and stabbed her in her side. Ms. Ho attempted to call her daughter for help but Tran took the phone from her. Later, she told him she needed a change of clothes. When he left the room she used the opportunity to get her car keys and escape, driving to her daughter’s house for help.

Cory Hill Indicted for First Degree Murder, Death Penalty Notice Filed

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – An Orange County grand jury has formally indicted Cory Hill, 51, for First Degree Murder. Hill is charged in the shooting death of his estranged wife Shakeira Rucker, 37. The State has also filed a notice of intent to seek the death penalty against Hill for Rucker’s murder.

Ms. Rucker was reported missing out of Winter Springs, Fla. by her family in November 2023. Orange County sheriff’s deputies discovered her body a week later in a storage unit in Apopka. Hill became a suspect in Rucker’s murder and was subsequently charged with her homicide.

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